I was born into a beautiful country plagued by controversy. South Africa. But by the time I understood where I was and who I am all I could see was a beautiful country filled with elements of variety. At that stage I did not know that these elements came from all over the world, I just understood that we were different…colourful…unique. So now, I will share the story of some of our beautiful country’s characters, leaders, mothers, wives, authors, models… and as time pass I will share more stories with you about how South Africa is part of the world, it’s globalization and very much a cosmopolitan country that every human on earth can relate to.


Jolè Designs

Jolè Designs was established in 2014 by Jolène Leeuwner-Maritz who shares a real love for making things that inspire the imagination. Jolè Designs carefully source, design and select products in the ranges with an eye for the smallest details, a passion for old-world craftsmanship and a desire to indulge to an activity where customers don’t just find novelties, but rather experience a journey of personal discovery. It is her goal to share South African art with the world.

The store concept appeals to both sophisticated men and women who want beautiful home ware, bath and body products and accessories. In an age of mass-production and commercialisation, Jolè Designs is destined to become a destination for well-read and well-travelled clients who long for items that aren’t found on the shelves of every store.

Jolè Designs which include Jolè Printed (products developed into different ranges of printed artwork), Jolè Corporate (a range of corporate gifts), Jolè Luxury (a luxury beauty range), Jolè Exclusive (exclusive gifts, consisting of original paintings to hand-painted pottery and more), Jogi Designs (a children’s range, designed by her two children) and Jolè Jewellery (Exclusive crafted jewellery appealing to modern and sophisticated women).




Shop 1, Palm Valley Convenience Centre, Cascades Road, Little Falls, 1724

Tel: 011 475 0524

Customer Service


Jole Printed

Beautiful gifts with unique printed designs Range will include table cloths, bedside lamps, decorative pottery, handbags etc.

Jole Exclusive

One off pieces of exclusive artwork such as painting, ceramics, glassware etc.

Jole Luxury

A beauty range including creams, lotions, foam bath etc.

Jole Corporate

Exclusive and premium branded corporate gifts. Range includes umbrellas, mugs etc.

Yogi Designs

Unique children’s range incorporating kids’ drawing, ideas and designs. Range will include Bpa-free plastic ware etc.

Jole Jewellery

Exclusive crafted jewellery appealing to modern and sophisticated women